Clarence B Thunborg – Reflections (CD)


Clarence B Thunborg‘s debut album. Released in 2023 on Melodic Passion Records.

RELEASE-DATE: September 29, 2023

With his musical roots deep in Americana as well as in the bluesy surroundings of roots rock, Clarence B Thunborg takes an approach in the album "Reflections", released via Melodic Passion Records in collaboration with Sound Pollution Distribution.

Clarence B Thunborg has been a bass player and singer in various bands since the late 1970s, but is now focusing on a solo career based out of his home in California. From there, his RV will take him out on tour along the American coast and inland, with a repertoire that comes predominantly from the new record "Reflections". Alone or with local musicians, his bluesy rock is slated to find a home in rock clubs along the American West Coast.

But with a past in the Stockholm region, it also means some commuting to Sweden, where "Reflections" recorded. It was also in the home country that contact was made with the Swedish record company Melodic Passion Records, run by Christian Liljegren (Narnia, Flames of Fire, etc.).

One can discern certain musical features in the same spirit as greats such as Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Rick Springfield, Peter Gabriel and even the Rolling Stones, so it is not for nothing that these predecessors have been mentioned when someone has described Thunborg's music. In any case, it's about well-produced roots rock with Americana influences and lyrics that hover over the borderland between love and heartbreak.

The album opener "Miss You Darling" sets the right mood from the start and is representative of the album as a whole. A bit melancholy with a sneaking hopeful feeling in rock 'n' roll packaging.

Second track "Tomorrow I'm Gone" follows in the same spirit, but with a groove and a touch of funk.

The same groovy feeling is developed in the third song "Little Girl", back towards more rock and melancholy. The song ends in a crescendo with a closing guitar solo, blaring sirens and the sound of helicopters.

The single "Untamed" is a classic rocker. As untamed as the song title, the Hammond organ works side by side with screeching guitar, pounding drums and pumping bass.

"Lonely Souls" starts stealthily with electric piano and bass. Slowly the soundscape builds up, not quite like U2's "Grace". An atmospheric ballad that deserves many listens, whether you're heartbroken or not.

In "Tin Can Man" Clarence is back with his slightly raspier voice. Here, roots rock meets Americana in a song that smells of late summer evenings and outdoor concerts.

"Don't Leave Anything" slows down the tempo a bit, without losing the intensity. With a steady beat, somber lyrics are delivered to a background of howling guitars.

The album's focus track "Remarkable Man" is a mid-tempo song that offers verses based on guitar riffs and Hammond organ leading into a melodious chorus. This is an obvious single track that almost seamlessly transitions into the somewhat quieter "Do You Remember". Here, the keyboards get more space and the groove is back once again.

Closing ballad "Why Can't You Say" ties the album together well, with piano, harmony vocals, searing strings, electric guitar and a wistful parting bass solo.

"Reflections" is produced by Leif Isberg (E.M.B. Productions), and will be released worldwide on September 29th on CD and all digital platforms via Melodic Passion Records in association with Sound Pollution Distribution.

Clarence B Thunborg: Lead vocals, bass, vocals
Torbjörn Weinesjö: Guitar, keyboards, vocals
Mikael Danielsson: Guitar, keyboards
Jonathan Weinesjö: Drums, percussion
Olov Andersson: Keyboards, vocals
Leifi Isberg: Keyboards
Samuel Thunborg: Vocals
Linn Silfwerbrand: Vocals

01. Untamed
02. Tomorrow I'm Gone
03. Little Girl
04. Miss You Darling
05. Lonely Souls
06. Tin Can Man
07. Don't Leave Anything
08. Remarkable Man
09. Do You Remember
10. Why Can't You Say

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