Astrakhan – A slow ride towards death (CD)


Astrakhan‘s album from 2021.

A slow ride towards death is an album filled with emotions around the pain of broken relationships, broken dreams and an endless love and passion to music – the anchor in life and the only relationship we’ll never let go. One of Swedens most interesting acts according to Classic rock magazine are finally back with some new and original music! The sound is incomparable and sets Astrakhan apart from every band out there. The production is thick, rich and full of quirky sounds that makes A slow ride towards death a listening sensation.

Astrakhan is the impressive proof of how to act across genres and bring several worlds of rock music to one point. Fronted by Swedens best singer and armed with members you know from Pain of Salvation, Royal Hunt, House of Shakira and many more class acts.

The sound of Astrakhan is so visual. I like to close my eyes and and let it take me away, and I need to be really careful every time I air Astrakhan on my show – I often get lost in the music and miss my cue!(Scott Brownstone, AiiR Radio).

Alexander Lycke – Vocals
Per Schelander – Bass, vocals percussion
Johan Hallgren – Guitar, vocals
Martin Larsson – Drums

Produced and mixed by Grammy awarded Marcus Jidell

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